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Keep it Real.

No need to add anything.

While not needed, go ahead and add a slice of lemon or lime (the real stuff).  In our exploration of flavors to add to water, we could not find any that passed our test.  Sure, some say "All Natural", but we've found that the labeling is open to interpretation, and, in many cases, does not report on the processes used for flavor extraction.  Just like their artificial counterparts, natural flavors are complex chemical formulas created by food companies and a handful of flavor houses around the world.  The FDA lets companies call these formulas natural even if they use synthetic solvents or preservatives because it classifies filler ingredients as "incidental additives".  When you see "natural flavor" on a label, it's really a black box of secrecy.

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We don't believe in one size fits all. 

We're different. Liquos creates custom solutions based on your water quality.  We can install anything from a simple carbon-block media solution to a highly efficient Reverse Osmosis system for a single point of use or a central system that drives an entire floor or building.


What's good for you, is also good for all your appliances. 

Want to make sure that your coffee, hot water, ice or other beverage dispensers use Liquos Filtered Water?  Save space and eliminate multiple filters with a mini-central system designed to connect multiple appliances.  We call it the Hub.  No more under the sink mess with multiple filters serviced by different vendors.  We can do it all.


A range of options that meet your needs. 

Our beautiful dispensers provide cold, ambient, and sparkling filtered water that tastes amazing. That's what our customers tell us. Liquos offers above and below the countertop dispensers suitable for a range of locations and demand profiles, e.g., breakrooms, cafes, gyms, restaurants, wineries, to name just a few.


Custom plan

We tailor maintenance plans based on your needs with the goal of making sure that the quality of Liquos filtered water is maintained and that our systems are always up and running.  Our custom maintenance plans offer the option for dedicated staff for your campus.  Let's talk about what works for you.

Rental or purchase options

We offer the option to rent our equipment or purchase with a maintenance plan.  All Liquos Filtration Solutions come with a one-year comprehensive warranty.  We can design a filtration and dispenser solution that works for you.  Give us a call or email us to find out more.

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Over 30 years of experience

Founder, David Fowler, has been working in the filtered drinking water industry for over 30 years.  We're proud to say that many of Silicon Valley's most prominent companies are our customers.  In fact, we currently supply the drinking water for over 75,000 people a day in Silicon Valley alone.  Dave's team includes dedicated staff that are ready to help companies get rid of bottled water once and for all. We pride ourselves on our service.  A portion of our profits are donated to clean water initiatives worldwide.  At Liquos we believe that clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege.
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