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Q: What are the best water filter options for my situation?

A: There isn't any single answer to this question. The best options are based on water chemistry, goals and budget. 


Three things to keep in mind:

  1. No one filter media addresses the full spectrum of contaminants that may be found in tap water.  

  2. Not all tap water is the same - quality issues vary from one location to another. Also, water sources may periodically change.   

  3. Lastly, not everyone is concerned about contaminants to the same degree.  


With access to a wide range of NSF-approved solutions on the market, we'll help you sort through it all and find what's right for your needs.  Not only that, we'll help you with dispenser options, take care of installation, provide "Johnny on the Spot" support, and offer a range of maintenance plans to assure on-going quality. Liquos focuses on systems that are water-efficient and many of our filter options do not use filters that add plastic to the dump. 













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