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  • Dispenser Options

    Our latest water dispenser, the SipSpot®, is Touch Free. It's easy. Open the app, select Sparkling / Ambient / Cold.  Dispense directly from your smartphone. This dispenser is IoT-enable to monitor usage, manage portion control, and resolve issues in real-time. 


    In addition to the Touch Free SipSpot®, Liquos offers a wide-range of countertop and under the counter models suitable for a variety of locations and demand profiles. No location is too big or too small. It all starts with understanding your goals for filtered drinking water and any water quality issues that need to be addressed.  Let's talk.

  • Filtration Options

    Filtration options are based on your water chemistry. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not take a "one size fits all" approach. It all starts with water quality testing.  Even if you think you have the best water in the country, the source may be just that, but the plumbing leading to your building and inside your building may ultimately affect your water quality. It's best to start with a test.  Once we know what we're dealing with, we can make recommendations for filtration solutions, including Reverse Osmosis, if needed.  


    What makes us unique is not only our customized approach to filtration, but the fact all of our systems come with a "Hub" that allows you to connect other appliances to our filtration solution.  Your employees and customers will appreciate that their coffee, tea, ice and other beverages are made with Liquos. It not only assures the highest quality water used across the range of beverages you offer, but simplifies things under the sink. You won't have to deal with multiple filters and the headache that comes with maintenance using multiple vendors.

  • System Monitoring

    Liquos provides the option to monitor your filtration system in support of your sustainability initiatives. Tailored to your needs, our IoT enabled Hub can collect data to show just how many bottles of water have been saved, and can predict when your filter will need to be changed. We're working on lots of new ideas to give you more information about the water you drink - coming soon!

Rental or purchase options

We offer the option to rent our equipment or purchase with a maintenance plan.  All Liquos Filtration Solutions come with a one-year comprehensive warranty.  We can design a filtration and dispenser solution that works for you.  Give us a call or email us to find out more.


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